Breathe For Love Tomorrow

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… Day Off…

… Guess everyone leaves….

P. Sawyer let me down
I never left….
Guess I have to be there for myself

Sam smith and Ed Sheeran

… All damn day…


Day off…
What to do…

…déjà vu…

In you came like a tidal wave. Crashing down. Taking me under.

Under the spell of your brilliant mind. Under the spell of those eyes. Those eyes could hold me. They could hold me so still. They’re captivating.

Captivate me. We all need something to hold down our crazy. To hold down and understand all the ugly parts of ourselves we feel no one else could ever want. Let me be that something. Go ahead, show me the ugly pieces.

I want to meet the parts of yourself who you’re stuck fighting with. Those parts of yourself who never get a proper introduction because they’re the parts you’re afraid to share. But see, those parts fit into all your broken spaces. Those parts complete you. So in that alone, I love them already.

Don’t you know you’re radiant? You could walk into darkest room and I’m positive that you’d be the light that I’d navigate towards. Yet, I’m sure you’d be quick to disagree.

Come see yourself from my view. Breathe in your presence. Know that you’re one of the few things that I can say I have some faith in. My fucking god, you’re something.

Know that every word I’m speaking out. Every word coming out of my mouth, they’re all for you. Don’t you dare tell me that you’re not worth it.

Cause I can already tell that, darling, you are worth so much. I can honestly say that no one even compares to this grasp you’ve had on me.

So sweetheart don’t give up. Don’t let yourself stray. Don’t fall so quick to believe that you’re worth nothing. Because I swear to you that you are.

Feel free to continue pulling me under. Drown me. Pull me into you. I’ll just keep heading toward your perfect shoreline. Let the sound of our heartbeats blast through seashells as if broadcasting everything we are through a speaker. I’m sure we’d shock the world with something beautiful.


…just stop

…it’s where you belong

You’re nothing less than glowing perfection. Yet, you’re so much more.
You fight these daily ongoing battles, life becomes a fucking war.

Oh, how I’d give up everything to sit you down and fill you in on everything there is to love about yourself. I’d tell you everything. Cause you’re everything.

I’d hold you high. I’d let you know that you’re something worth singing about.
You’re the brightness that keeps my darkness from overbearing everything. You keep my darkness from closing in. You help me see.

Freezing that frame. In that moment you were mine. You were this beautiful stack of puzzle pieces that needed to be put back together. I was the hands that were crafting you. I still am.

You question your beauty. You question your worth. But don’t you know you’re worth the world? The oceans. The stars. The moon. The sun. The whole entire fucking sky I’d give to you. I’d tell you that it reminds me of your beauty. I’d tell you that it reminds me of how big your heart is.

So tell yourself you’re worth it. Tell yourself that you’re going to make it through. Because you will. I’ll be damned if I let you fall. I’ll catch all those tears you’re forced to cry. I’ll gather them and throw them back into those oceans in which they belong. I’ll tell you that you’re not alone. I’ll tell you that you’re so strong. I’ll tell you that I’m here. And baby, I’m not leaving.

I’m not leaving you to face a world of hate alone. I’m not leaving you to cry yourself to sleep at night anymore. I’m your shoulder. Your rock. I’ll be that go to place for you to come right home to. Because sweetheart, it’s where you belong.


nirvana || sam smith (+)

it’s too late to run away from it all
it’s too late to get away from it all
i’m done with running so i give in to you
this moment has caused a reaction
resulting in our reattachment
will you take me to nirvana?
i don’t think this will last
but you’re here in my arms

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…What’s it gonna take…

"But don’t forget the songs that made you cry and the songs that saved your life"

- The Smiths (via abewitchedsoul)

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"I look at you and see all the ways a soul can bruise, and I wish I could sink my hands into your flesh and light lanterns along your spine so you know that there’s nothing but light when I see you."

- Shinji Moon, The Anatomy of Being (via quoted-books)

(via erincutlah)